The question of what E-n-E stands for is always asked - Find out the answer below!

Hello, my name is Erin L. Clark, your photographer.  My family moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia from Italy at the end of 2010. We were spoiled living in such a beautiful setting for four years. Prior to that, E-n-E Photography thrived in Washington State since 2001 and before that in Rhode Island. 

E-n-E Photography strives to capture Fresh, Natural…

REAL Images of all people- and even their pets, Indoors & Outdoors, all around the world.

I’m a member of Professional Photographers of America and Virginia PPA and member of Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

I am a Certified Professional & Master Photographer. Certification is something only about 3% of photographers that call themselves “Pros” achieve.  Today, we have 17  CPP’s within 50 Miles of Virginia Beach, and 9 of them are IN Virginia Beach, where our studio is located.  

Receiving the Master Photographer degree took over 4 years awarded from PPA, a very proud moment from 2015.  You can see my award-winning portraits under the awards tab on our www.enephoto.com homepage and check out the first year of competing here.

You'll see the initials: C.P.P. & M.Photog., after my name- this means that I, as a professional photographer, am committed to continuing my education to bring you portraits that are fresh, original and unique that you and your family will enjoy over a lifetime and longer.

Every year, since returning to the United States at the end of 2010 - I have competed in a State, District and then International Photographic Competition (IPC)- and when my images do well at IPC -I receive a Merit through the Professional Photographers of America- those merits add up to earn me the Master of Photography Degree-that was mentioned already.   It's very important to me to provide only the finest portraiture. This also means, that I'm always looking to create an award winning print with every shot I take and that includes your portraits - so you are only going to get the very best of my ability. I’ve been photographing people and their pets for over 25 years now. 

While I love it when all my hard work is rewarded with a merit from competing, I would have to say, my best awards or rewards really are the satisfaction I get when I know I’ve made a client happy and they come back to me for more photos year after year– and then also, when I get to give back to my community. Have a fundraiser you are looking to raise funds for?  I donate my time and expertise many times through out each year.  If I have the time, I'll do it.  Contact me to coordinate! 

People often ask me how I came up with the name of my business. WHAT DOE E-n-E stand for?  Back in 1999, my best friend (who, coincidentally, happens to be my husband) Eric (the other 'E'!), encouraged me to grow my photography business.

So E (I’m the first ‘e’ of course!) n-E was born. We’ve now been married 29 years  on Jan. 15, 2021, and his support has helped make E-n-E possible. I have always been a photographer all the way back to high school days, with film and developing.  I got serious about being a professional photographer  when we were stationed in Rhode Island, then when we moved to Washington State, where we first met back in 1991, married, had both of our kids, now grown, Grace, 28 & Austen 25.

E-n-E has been around the globe and I'm so thankful for the changes & experiences each location has brought to the business. We are proud to have repeat clients every place we've lived.... Eric, retired in October of 2013 & finally, E-n-E Photography, Inc. moved to a commercial studio location on the corner of London Bridge Rd. & Dam Neck in Virginia Beach.    2020 has been a trying year for everyone - and after 7 wonderful years in our commercial studio, we made the difficult decision to close it.  We are still around and are working hard to bring the finest portraits to our clients - if you need a studio portrait, contact us - we are renting studio space as needed for now.  Keep us in mind to go to any location-Destination wedding or any destination photography needs - Eric & I bought a travel trailer this year, and I always get the itch to travel – have camera, will travel! wherever people need great portraits around the continental US in our trailer and flying to you is available around the world!

We are available anytime by appointment for a Pre-planning consult or Portrait sessions - however, weekends are reserved for photography sessions or time spent with family.

I look forward to meeting you and capturing memories that you'll treasure forever- see you soon!  ~Erin


Learn more about E-n-E on our FAQ- or KIND WORDS

You can email me at images@enephoto.com or call me at 757-689-2950  with questions and inquiries.

E-n-E Photography, Inc. www.enephoto.com  


Proud Member of PPA, VPPA and the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce