Virginia Beach Baby Photography - Workflow: Before & After
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
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WORKFLOW: Before & After

I've been wanting to share the Before & After of what each image captured goes through

before you get to view them and even before sending them off to print-

To give you an idea of the workflow involved in preparing each session for each client.

Below is a photo of Sophia at her 9 month session.

This is what the image- Straight out of the camera - (SOOC)  looks like in a RAW digital data format.

This is not the finished look I envision for the final product.

Image SOOC - Hampton Roads Photographer

I know everyone is excited to see their images and thinks it's a simple download to show them off- but editing an entire session takes time -

Time that I have to schedule with all the other jobs required to run the business end of the studio.

Each session first get downloaded from the camera onto my computer

and backed up to a second and third drive for safe keeping.

All images taken are shot a 'Raw' files-they are not yet processed

and therefore aren'tt ready to be printed or even shared online.

The files from each session are imported into Adobe Lightroom-

where I'll crop & cull-making minor lighting adjustments as needed-

When that's done- all the images will now be exported and saved as .jpgs -

and backed up again as you see below:

Pretouched Image- Virginia Beach Photography

From there- I then take a closer look at all the images in Adobe Bridge and perform what I call, "Pretouching" to each image in Photoshop.

Making more adjustments to enhance what I envision as an artist for your viewing pleasure-

Quite often- depending on how busy I am - A few from each session are chosen for a Sneak Preview -

I prepare them as I would for printing- the final end product as seen below

(Anything that is put online gets a watermarked with a copyright to deter pedophiles or criminals of any sort from stealing the images for their personal use)

Virginia Beach Fine Art Portraits - Babies - FINAL IMAGE Artistically Rendered

 Final image is ready for print whether as gift prints or a large wall art portrait-

this particular image would look fantastic printed on watercolor paper or as a gallery wrapped canvas (minus the watermark, of course!)-

I personally like the little crazy hairs of Sophia but for the sake of this Before & After- I removed most of the little hair wisps-


I'd love to hear from you


E-n-E Photography, Images by Erin L. Clark



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