Newborn to One Year - Sibling Portraits
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Thursday, May 10, 2018
By E-n-E Photography, Inc.
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Three year old, Avi & his baby sister came to see me last month for her First Year Birthday portraits. 

The first time I met her brother, Avi - he was about six months old, just sitting up and it was warm weather so we had a great time at First Landing with his Mom & Dad.

He was the best baby - and Mom & Dad, new parents, were as loving and casual as can be.  I loved how NOT NERVOUS they were, when little Avi was sitting booty-nekkid in the sand, laughing and having a good time when he suddenly plopped forward - head first and side of face smack down in the sand!  

In my experience, NEW PARENTS would jump and freak out trying to 'save' him.   Not these great parents, they calmly reached over and pulled him back into the sitting position - Avi the little cutie, came up with sand all over his cheeks and his mouth, grinning from ear to ear! And we kept on photographing. Since we allow unlimited outfit changes - this fun family changed in the blink of an eye to a Superman theme!  We had even more fun with that as you can see from the photos!!

Then along came his new little sister last year.

When they came into the studio for her newborn portraits, we made sure to capture the whole family together.  At this session, even Grandma came! We captured photos of the family of 4 together, then just mom & dad with their new daughter, photos of Dani just with mommy and more photos of just Dani with her Daddy. We also created a generational portrait with Grandmother, Mother and Daughter.  

Then of course we had to get photos of the siblings. Dani, being a new baby, slept a lot, cried a little and ate even more.  Avi is such a fun little guy - full of smiles - loads of character. But he was very mobile and all over the place - to be expected!

We photographed the two together as seen below. It was a split second before he wanted to jump up and run around - so what you don't see is Daddy's arms keeping Dani safe  that we removed digitally.   It was one shot and we nailed it!

A year went by so fast!

Dani is now a year old and they came in for her commemorative portraits! It was Avi's idea to recreate the earlier brother-sister portraits. Avi told his parents that he wanted to do it!  So of course, we obliged. Avi has more personality that the year before - Dani has the most adorable smile and spunk for a one year old!

As you can see - it's crazy how much changes in just one year! 

We are looking forward to another portrait session soon with their family plus extended family - this time outdoors, most likely the beach again somewhere here in Virginia Beach.  

We can't wait to see what we capture with them next time!

Certified Professional Master Photographer, Erin Clark, spends several weeks each year in the Pacific Northwest where she has most of her side of the family to visit. The rest of the year, she resides in the city of Virginia Beach with her retired US NAVY, husband, Eric (the other 'E' in E-n-E), their son, three pups & 2 cats, spending most days at the London Bridge studio. If you are not in the Virginia area and are looking to book a session with Erin in Washington state (or any other location for that matter!), check out her next travel dates to the PNW: MAY 16-20th in Wa., June 16-18th in Vegas, August 1-7th in Keywest!

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