Justine's Family
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Thursday, February 16, 2017
By E-n-E Photography, Inc.
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It's pretty clear from the moments captured below that this family loves each other more than anything in the world.  A family that can have fun and laugh together is one that will stand the test of time.  We always aim to photograph memories that will last a lifetime and show the uniqueness that each family has.  These qualities shine through for Justine's family; with the way they look into each others' eyes, and the way their two year old son loves their 6 year old dog, Bruce.  


Justine came to us when they found out her husband would be deploying soon; so they were trying to cram as much family time in wherever they possibly could.  She wanted one of those times to include a family portrait session in a wooded area to show-case their love of the outdoors.  So we headed over to Red Wing Park where there are trails throughout the woods for them to walk along with their son and dog.   


While we ended up with some amazing photos that portrayed the caring and loving family they truly are; photographing a two year old is not easy!  We spent the morning running around chasing a rambunctious two year old.  In order to get great photos of families with children, we have to have patience and stamina.  It takes patience to let children run around until they are tired enough to stand still and stamina for the amount of time you spend crouching to get the perfect photo.  Even though it takes a lot of work to photograph families and children, we wouldn't do anything else!  


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Photography by Internationally Award-Winning, Certified Professional Master Photographer, Erin L. Clark

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