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Thursday, January 07, 2016
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"Whatever makes my soul feel good in 2016, that's what I'm chasing."

                                                                                                            ~Robert Tew
(if this image is not large enough - check it out here!)
I'm not one to make a list of resolutions each year - yah sure, get in shape & eat healthier,  that's a given - a resolve I do every MONTH but never seem to attain. This year, 2016 - I do plan to feed my soul - more time spent creating - and if that includes creating works of photographic art for clients at the studio - then all the better!
What are your plans for 2016? Thinking back on 2015, did you achieve all your goals?  I know I did not.  The year goes by entirely too quickly. 2015 was supposed to be the year, my family gathers for our bi-annual portrait - and we didn't do it. Life got in the way and we were never all in the same place - does that sound familiar?
So, this spring, we'll plan one that includes all the family, the cats, the dogs and both the kids of course! - Not sure we'll make it to the beach (cats won't like that!) - so maybe when the yard blooms - azaleas, rhododendrons, roses or better yet, maybe we'll make it to a park and catch the cherry blossoms before they are gone - No matter what, that photo is definitely a resolution, now that I think about it.
As for what make my soul feel good this year? The photo above - definitely makes me feel good - I love the feel of it, the last light of the evening - the ocean's edge that leads to that sun kissed seagull walking towards the churning ocean -  the soft, pastel colors of the last rays of the day washing over the sands, the whitecaps of the rushing waves, makes me think of famous painters - a little bit of Renoir, Monet, maybe Mayfield Parrish -  all inspiring.
Writing this all out feeds my soul as well, so I should resolve to blog more - blog about what makes me feel great and excites me - whether it's a family photo session or a trip to the Outer Banks or more recently, my trip to Costa Rica. Where Pura Vida has taken hold of me and reminded me what I really should chase to feed my soul.
So today, January 1st, 2016 has me excited about all the possibilities to come - whether it's photographing you or capturing a butterfly - planning a trip out of country such as Machu Picchu next August or my trip to Atlanta next week... The possibilities of what I'm going to do this year are endless. So, check back often and hold me accountable!
Happy New Year to you - Wishing you much joy, happiness and good fortune in the new year. :)
Erin L. Clark, M.Photog., AFP, CPP


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