Easter Celebration at Hunt Club Farm
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Friday, March 20, 2015
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People celebrate Easter in many different ways. For Christians, Easter is a time to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Other families celebrate the holiday by being with their family and friends - eating, coloring Easter eggs then hunting those eggs, meeting the Easter Bunny, etc.

Some interesting Easter Egg Facts!:

The custom of the Easter egg may have existed since early Christianity in Mesopotamia who stained eggs red in memory of Christ's blood that was shed at his crucifixion - later eggs where also seen as a symbol for the empty tomb. The oldest tradition is to use dyed chicken eggs, but now most people use eggs made from chocolate, or plastic eggs filled with candy such as jellybeans and if you have the really generous parents or grandparents - MONEY!

There are many theories on why the tradition of dying eggs has come about, here are 5 of them from  http://mentalfloss.com/article/49566/5-theories-about-why-we-dye-eggs-easter:


Eggs were often associated with pagan festivals and celebrations of spring. Eggs were symbolic of rebirth and new life, making them an appropriate part of the celebration of spring and the new life that comes after winter. It was common for eggs to be decorated in conjunction with these spring festivals, and common to see these colored eggs given as gifts to friends and family. The symbolism of rebirth fit well with the spring holiday of Easter, as it is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. The practice of decorating eggs and giving them as gifts was adopted by Christians and included in their Easter celebrations.


According to Volume 5 of Donahoe's Magazine, a monthly Catholic-oriented general interest magazine that ran from 1878 to 1908, early Christians in Mesopotamia dyed eggs red to mimic the blood that Christ shed during his crucifixion. The church purportedly took up this tradition and it has continued ever since.


King Edward I of England may also have contributed to the tradition of decorating eggs to celebrate Easter. In the 13th century, Edward I ordered 450 eggs to be colored and decorated with gold-leaf. They were presented as Easter gifts to the rest of the royal household.


In several legends, Mary Magdalene is a key player in the creation of the egg-dying tradition. One version involves Mary Magdalene’s trip to Jesus’ tomb three days after his crucifixion. She carried a basket of cooked eggs to share with the other women who would be mourning at the tomb. When she arrived to find the stone rolled away from the entrance and the tomb empty, the eggs in her basket turned a brilliant shade of red.

Another legend tells of Mary Magdalene going to speak to the Roman Emperor Tiberius after Jesus rose from the dead. She greeted the emperor by saying “Christ is risen.” Tiberius replied, “Christ has no more risen than that egg is red,” gesturing to an egg that was, depending on the version of the legend, on his table or held by Mary herself. As soon as the emperor said this—you guessed it—the egg turned red.


Some Eastern European legends credit not Mary Magdalene, but Jesus' mother Mary, as the source of the egg-dying tradition. Mary was present at her son’s crucifixion on Good Friday and, according to these legends, she brought eggs with her. In one version, blood from Jesus’ wounds drops on the eggs, coloring them red. Another version of the legend tells of Mary weeping, begging the soldiers at the cross to be less cruel to her son. She gives these soldiers eggs and, as her tears fall on them, they are spotted with brilliant color.


To carry on the tradition, we will be joining Hunt Club Farm this Easter weekend as they have their annual Easter Egg hunts, petting zoo, and Easter Bunny greeting! E-n-E Photography, Inc. will be offering portraits of children and their families with the brand-new baby bunnies, chicks, and various other animals! We are excited to begin this spring with bright smiles - so please join us Easter weekend, April 4-5 from 10am to 4pm!

Easter 2015 HCF WEB


Join us at the Hunt Club Farm from 10-4pm


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PRIZE: Win a $500
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Call the studio to inquire any further details 757-689-2950 - check out our Facebook page for other on-going events!

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