2019 - Year Review! Part 1
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Monday, January 20, 2020
By E-n-E Photography, Inc.
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2019 - Year Review! Part 1

2019 went by fast - and it was a little bit of rough year - I started out in January, rolling in a huge pacific ocean wave that washed past me with camera in hand - complete loss of camera and lens. Thank goodness I had my membership with #PPA up to date - the free insurance with membership helped me purchase a new camera set up in February. 

Our #VPPA State Convention, in February, kicks off my yearly entries into competition. Competition helps me in all areas of photography as I look at every image from a competitive view - I am forever photographing clients and subjects with the next competition image in mind! This year, I entered into the Artist category for my first time. It was actually a last minute throw in - we call it a Case Filler with no hopes of it doing well.   "Mr. Orchid Man" did the best out of all my entries with an Excellent score of 87. 

The first of the three big competitions that I enter each year, since 2011, did well enough for me to receive, "Top 10 Virginia Photographers" at our Virginia State (www.vppa.org) Convention!  Nothing to sneeze at and I'm very proud of this achievement.  It was now time to decide which 4 of my 6 entries would move on to the PPA District Competition - but that was still months away and I am a notorious procrastinator getting things done quickly at the last possible minute! The PPA District Image Competition was due in June, nearly 4 months away… 

VPPA - 2019 Image Competition - TOP Six out of 8 Entries

At VPPA's Image Competitions - we can entered an unlimited amount of images but only the TOP SIX will receive a Ribbon - I entered 9 images and all received a score of 80 or higher - I am very proud of this! I now had plenty of choices for moving on to the District Competition - Little did I know a major accident would possibly prevent me from entering… 


 end of part 1  -  PART 2, Here!


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