Miranda & Nick - Part 2
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018
By E-n-E Photography, Inc.
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Mr. & Mrs. Cox

Newlyweds 2018

Morais Vineyard, Part 2

The other day, I posted the first part to Miranda & Nick's wedding. Getting ready…  The day was incredibly humid. There were 10 Bridesmaids getting ready in the Bridal Suite and with that many bodies, it was a bit too warm in their too.  

The decision to take a chance and keep the ceremony outdoors was made. And it was perfect… 

I had posted the following the night of their wedding, having been married for over 26 years, the anniversaries went by faster than one would think!

"I wish you decades of happiness! Remember to never go to bed mad and pick the battles that are important...if it's not important, give in. Support each other by always having each other's backs especially when it's important to the other...Love deeply, show it and say it! Laugh a lot and never take your love for granted. Be each other's best friends and the one who is most important above all...and those decades will go fast!

After posting it on my instagram, I thought of a few more tips that anyone can use to keep their relationship happy and healthy-

Make your house a home.  Settle into your home and really make it somewhere you want to spend time, especially with your spouse.  You never want your home to feel like you're just passing through.  Making your house feel like home can be as simple as adding scented candles or fuzzy blankets and putting up photos showcasing your love for each other. 

Remember that you are in this marriage together, there is no "winner" or "loser" in an argument.  You are partners in everything, you win together and you lose together; working together to find a solution to a problem is the only way to come out on top.

Always lift your spouse up, never bring them down with criticisms.  You should be the person that wipes their tears away, not the one who causes them.  

Never talk badly about your spouse or vent about them to others or even online.  Discuss any issues as a couple and be their protector at all times; this will only strengthen your bond as a married couple.

Make the decision to love each other, even when you have trouble liking each other.  Remember that love is a commitment, not just a feeling.  You have to work hard to maintain that love, even in the moments when your spouse is less than perfect.  

Doing things together is very important for a long and loving marriage, but taking the time to doing some things alone is just as important.  Whether it's time to relax in the bath, go out with friends, or just to read a book; making sure to get time alone is essential to a lasting marriage.  

Do you have more tips for a great marriage? Please share! 

Stay tuned for the final installment for Miranda & Nick's Marriage - a video slideshow montage of the wedding.  

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